Here it comes, ....ready or not.  Rover, rover, send freedom right over.  Remember the game?  Please read the link below and be patient with my sentiments for my heart is stirred.
Who would have thought that our government would not accept the money back?.......Hmmmmmh.  Sure hope the American people are ready, because that little document that always gets in the way of things.....let me try to remember it,... oh yeah, the Constititution of the United States, it is being used as a wick to light the fuse of its own destruction.  It is the endgame and the prize.
Our forefathers endowed us with these vestitures, ....they being the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   We must cleave to this lineage and not let it part from our grasp.  The words of many men are just words, only words.  The words of freemen are not just words.  They are spirit and life, creating deeds that compose the life granted unto them from their Creator.  We exact our pleasures from the sweat upon our brow.  This is our covenant!  We toil in righteousness as the wicked steal our birthright.  We turn our heads in shame when they call us righteous.  Why? 
No country upon the face of the earth has endeavored to perservere as this country.  We were torn asunder with the burden of slavery.  We healed.  We freed the world twice from tryanny, yet, it harkens from within.  We must fulfill this covenant as men of liberty because we are endowed by our Creator.   There are many men like unto me.  They are silent until they are awakened.  I pray the time of awakening is now, for the foundations of the Lord are broken and what are the righteous to do?
Let us call upon them, if they are you, awaken, I will join you.  These words are only words until actions fulfill their meaning.  Faith is a word until we must live it unto the Lord.  I will go freely into this night as a light to lighten the path of freemen.  There are only 2 types of men in the world, the freeman and the bond.  I am a son of Isaac, freeman born into the promise of Abraham.  I shall not be ruled by the sons of the bond servant.
I am a freeman, grafted into the lineage of Isaac, the free son of Abraham.  I am a freeman, son of the Living God because of the resurrection of His begotten son Yeshua the Christ, the greatest promise ever kept and the greatest gift ever given.  The Lord created us in His image, His clay has been formed.  My vessel has been crafted and forged in the kiln of defiance to tyranny.  
.....and shall not be tread upon.
Robert A. Boehm
1684 Rocky River
Canyon Lake, TX 78133